Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I knew it!!

I knew this would happen..I was all enthusiastic at the start and now I haven't blogged for a week!! As it is only me reading this though it hardly matters but I want to make the effort.

Have also borrowed the parents digi camera so I can take some piccies of things I have done and upload them.

I shall start with birthday pressies me thinks...yes, 34 time flies when you are having fun <:)

Well, I had better get on with somehitng. Boys are watching tele and the tea is cooking...what to do.....hmmmm........

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Thankyou Helen for making is so beautiful and has already been admired by many. The matching earrings will be following on here when I get a chance to take another piccy. Commissions taken ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, as I have this up and running now i had better post something that I have made!! I have been doing Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class (see button on the right) and so far I am only 14 days behind!! Hey ho..I will get there in the end and I AM enjoying doing it. for your delight, IF I can upload my title page. All Chatterbox (my fave) apart from the brad (Bazzill) and the flower ( Hope it is pleasing to the eye(oh yes, and the letters were free on a mag).


will this work me wonders?

Please bear with me as this is 'under construction'!! If you can't wait then...don' won't miss much!! hee hee!!!

But THANKYOU to Clare for sorting me banner and links and everything...just hope I don't delelte it all by mistake!

And I will make no apologise, right now, for my exclaimation problem...I just couldn't imagine life without them!!!!!!!!!