Friday, October 06, 2006

The pressure is on!!

Oh my life...someone has a link to here on their blog (I am very flattered Jo..thankyou) but it means that I really had better upload something that I have done. I think blogger is being naughty this morning though as it won't let me add an image :(
Now it is the necklace I made with my birthday beads :D
DH has a trianing day today which meant that he took L to school and will be home before 7 for the first time this week! It also means that I wallowed in bed til 7.30 - a complete luxury!

And now the postie has arrived with my christmas I shall away to droll and try again later to put on piccies...............

Monday, October 02, 2006

To do!!

Okay, this is like a kind of to do list of all the things I am wanting to put on here and HOPING to get the time to!!

DS1 is off school today for a training day (teachers) and so we ar going out to play..he won't let me leave him but, thankfully, his friends mum is really nice so no trauma there. Tomorrow I may be helping in his class and then I have a gym assessment so quite when this TO DO list will get done I don't know!


  • Keep up to date with stuff I have done for Scrapkits DT - still have to send Lou piccies of the gorgeous tin I did from the 3bugs..sorry Chick!
  • Post piccies of the necklace and earrings I made from birthday beads (thankyou Auntie Jan and Uncle Paul:D )
  • Upload (taking first) pics of things I made ay my crop at the weekend
  • Uplaod pages that I have done (I am seriously behind but I can't always be learning new things!) for Shimelles class.

Well...not much to do there then!!

ETA Oh yeah..and update my People to See links cos that is seriously lacking!!!!!