Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Check out.......

The Lily Pad, Kate has some great doodles in there for cards and stuff :D I cut a load out for Luke at the weekend to make a jungle scene. needless to say, by the time I had finished he had gone on to do something else but never mind...I have them for next time.

Got to have a few tests done :( Got these odd numb patches on me and get a few dizzy spells. The blood test were fine so it is off to the hospital.....

And there is absolutely no point in me saying I will blog more often cos I never do!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just not enough time.....

...to get everything done!!

Am making a flag book and bag for Luke's teacher (the Jelly roll one..how can I bear to part..) and a couple of other things for other assistants at school. Am helping with junior sportsday, going to infants sports day, a picnic, and open afternoon, helping in school, getting the moon on a stick...the list is endless and the time is not and I am no Anthea Turner!

And yesterday the flippin garage door broke and I had to get a man out and I think £170 for 20 mins work is not half bad...am off to retrain! Oh and then the cupboard door fell off. Well, I twas hanging off and the nice man next door came to look and it fell off so he put it back on.

Hey...it must be the end of term!

But Luke had the most fantastic school report and has had a brilliant year. his reading astounds me...seriously does and in every other subject he was practically glowing as well. So Dan took him on a school trip to Alton Towers and he had a fab time :D

But it matters not how manic it gets here because fabric is on its way...the Material Emergency Pack is winging its way to me as I speak and I feel another Sherbert bag coming on...MUST UPLOAD THE LAST.

Well, I had better away instead of gassing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

oooooh, I am in a gallery!!!

...over on the Buttonberry website. The girls, Emma and Lisa, are so friendly and helpful and this is what I made from a jelly roll. Take a peek round the site...I dare you not to be tempted ;)

And check out the gorgeous site of fabric fluttering on my washing line...

Monday, July 09, 2007

So much has happened....

that I could never possibly write it all here...besides, I would probably bore myself to death. I never seem to get around to updating this and then I forget my password and log in and have to try to sort it all out again :(

To summarise...

We moved house...HIP HIP HOORAY!!! There were times when I thought it wouldn't happen but I know God wanted us here and I was being taught patience. I would rather have learnt a different way but the reward (if indeed I am more patient now) is that we have the most beautiful house and we are very thankful for it. The boys have their won room and a playroom (although toys still manage to turn up everywhere else)! Daniel has his own office and I have my own craft room :D

As a result of this...

I have realised that I have obscene amount of paper and 'stuff' and I just never get around to using it.

Nana died. I know it was a relief in the end but it does not make it any less painful. She was such a huge and positive part of my life and now something is missing. She had declined so much in the last 6 years or so that, in reality, she left us a long time ago, I am so privileged to have had her for my Nana, and in my eyes, was the best that there ever could be. She isn't suffering anymore.

And because of this......

I love material again and have rediscovered my passion for making things. Nana really encouraged me to sew and knit. She even managed to make me a sewing basket when she was very ill with shingles and I still use it...it must be over 25 years old but it was made with love and it still in perfect condition :)

I may be working a bit next academic year. Not sure how I feel about this but it was me who volunteered and the extra cash would be very useful. Just a couple of hours supply as my old school (Luke's now) so a safe way back in.

Ben has been nursery visiting :D He has been at Colleges for an hour or so most mornings last week, with me, and he absolutely loves it. I cold have left him there and he would have been fine. Definitely ready to be a 'nursery boy' now..and as he keep reminding me 'I am NOT a baby!'

We spend 3 hours at A&E with Luke after he had a trowel hit him on the head at school. It wasn't done with malice but it did highlight some issues. He was practically hysterical when it happened and more so when he saw the blood. And boy, did it bleed. But they glued him back iogether, gave him an injection and off home we went. He has a scar now in the same place on his head as I do. I fell and banged my head on the corner of the gas fire when I was small. I had to have proper stitches though. Glue seems much more civizised to me.

And now the end of term looms. Another fab year for Luke who has loved this teacher even more than his last. He is reading chapter books and doing so well at school. Daniel has had a busy year too. This new job is much more work, largely because no-one seems to know what Key Stage Managers should do and they have ridiculous amounts of worked dumped on them. For instance, the other night he spent 2 hours (and it would have been more if I had not helped too) correcting spellings and grammer in school reports!!! Why can't teachers proof read their own...what an outrgeous aste of time and energy...makes me mad!

Anyway...back later to upload photos.....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have had a revelation...

there are no designated parking areas IN this house...and that is why it is such a mess!!!! Until we move and get more space that can be 'labelled' I am wasting my time trying to stem the tide that is the Carlson mess. I am going to spend the morning with my trusty friends the bin bags (Dan is at church practising an Easter musical and the boys are out with their grandparents) and see how many I can fill and I am willing to bet you right here and now that it will look like I have done absolutely nothing by the end of the day. And this afternoon I am off to a new craft shop with my friend Carole...no point wasting a whole day dealing with rubbish :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the saga continures

for anyone following our house buying efforts...STILL NO NEWS!!! For goodness sakes, how long does it take to okay someones mortgage? It seems like they are doing everything on the cheap but even I could have found them a mortgage by now...this is ridiculous!!!!!!!

But I did get a LUSH LUSH LUSH stamp from my friend Pauline, HappyStampers. It is the Penny Black Modesty one and it is so gorgeous it is unreal. You can download the catalogue as well to have a jolly good drool at Penny Black - this Hero Arts tart is deffo on the turn ;)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just seeing...

Humour me...I am trying something...Happy Stampers... oh my, I never thought it was so simple!! You may as well check out the link while you are here ;)


is the only word for it!!!!!!!

I was convinced I would keep this up and I have failed miserably. Never mind...I will persevere.

Have scrapped several pages recently and my Monday night group has been concerntrating more on LO's than making things which is good cos it was wearing me out - teaching starbooks to 4 complete newbies and some others nearly finished me off but everyone was really pleased with the results and that made it worthwhile.

Have had many probs with the new camera and managing to download/upload things hence the lack of photos. It shall be my new week resolution to get it sorted and I will write it in my diary..I am a flylady at heart ;)

OKAY!!! How is it that you save the blooming things, delete them from teh camera and then they disappear to goodnes knows where...I am off to watch the Red Nose stuff and I am in a sulk :(

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wow!! Finally done some LOs!!

It was my monthly crop yesterday - hello the Wyverstone girls :D I managed a record 5 LO's, although admittedly, one was one that I have needed to finish for a while! I am going to photograph them now so I don't forget then upload...thanks for looking :D

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh the shame!

I have been shamed into posting my my lovely friend Lou!! Life has been hectic here to asy the least and the upshot of it all is that we are in the middle of moving house!

Very excitd by the propsect of moving house and so far it is going like a dream...this is where God wants us to be :D There is so much potential for hospitality and I am very excited...have already started perfecting my cupcake making skills. It also means that I can have my monday night craft group at home as our living/dining space is right next to my...wait for it...hold onto your hats....CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it is happening. We sold our house in 8 hours for over the asking price so were able to off our people slightly more. They agreed and we haven't stopped grinning since. Now comes the expensive bit though..this week I have already sent cheques totalling £1000 aaarrgghh which is very scary. I will try to post a couple of piccies and a copy iof the downstairs floor plan./ Upstairs is basically the same as ours here but bigger and downstairs has been extended..a lot. We also get a garage..for the first time ever..but I doubt Thomas will make it in there..he will sit in front. He has done a lot of sitting this past 10 days as his head gasket has gone! And it will stay gone, for this month at least. Lots of walking to school and back. We go past our new house so we can drool and appreciate how much nearer to school it is.

Well, after that outpouring I had better go. Pehaps I should put this on my list of things to do then it may get done instead of having to be reminded (Thanks Lou!)

Toodlepip for now...and next time I may even put up piccies of my craft group and some of the stuff we have done........