Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tidying!!! This is what happens in our house

This is what happens in our house when we start to tidy.......

this is because we have a new desk and Mr C had to put it together and take the old one apart.

This is my craft always looks MUCH worse before it gets better.
Other side of my craft is actually a utility/corridor with recess, but when we saw the house this sold it to me :D

Now this room...well, it started off as the play room but the boys never used it, then it turned into the 'back room' where children did not want to spend time...but see that table stealth (and Mr C has noticed!) it is slowly turning into a fact I have had a couple of workshops in there already and have another planned for tomorrow night....Mr C puts up with an awful lot!!!

But look - TIDY :)

It's getting there.  I can't believe how much stuff we have re-cycled this summer.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where did that go?????

Just posted and it all disappeared :( I was just telling you that while I was spending a very lovely evening out with friends last night, Mr C, armed with a bottle of Spitfire, uploaded all my new things into my Etsy shop.  I think the beer might have gone to his head a bit though...some of his descriptions!!!!!  Anyway I was very grateful that he did it because I had had a very frustrating day computer-wise.  The boys had been more than happy to amuse themselves so I took the opportunity to take the time to watermark all the photos for the shop.   My life!!!!  It was so boring and then even after all that 21 of the 30 photos I had done were ruined...I could have cried :(  And to make it worse, I had been super organised and deleted the originals as I went along because I usually end up with loads of the same photo...what a nightmare...had to start all over again :(

Never mind...worse things happen.

So...lots more rain today and Mr Chops and Mr B have had enough.  It got a bit emotional here this afternoon and voices were raised.....boys fought and Mummy rolled her eyes.  All are now sleeping peacefully and tomorrow is another day.  I have a sewing workshop in the afternoon with a couple of girls...we are going to make felt owls..can't wait.  And then next week the grown ups will be making felt frogs...with the addition of a glass of wine or 2.  I'll take piccies and share. 

Not pictures today...I'm cuddles up in bed enjoying the new addition of WiFi...well, we had it before but it was courtesy  of our very lovely neighbours.  They are moving soon (we are all gutted) so though I should get our own...and so I find myself in bed with no memory stick to share pictures from......  sorry!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great weather we're having :(

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely loathe the hot weather...I am a witch in hot weather.  I love it when it's cool or a bit chilly...but today it has rained all day .... we've needed one of these.....

Will be in my shop as soon as I can upload it all and write descriptions...I have a few of these and some toadstools at the moment :)

But I have been busy a-sewing :D  I asked on a forum I was on what people might like to see as brooches.  I have NOTHING in my Etsy shop at the moment which  is v poor and need to stock up for Christmas.  One of the suggestions was a Westie (thanks Andrea x). So I got my designer onto it...Mr C!  Well, it's the school holidays and he's a teacher so he hasn't got a single thing to do ;)  And this is the result.....

You know, I'm not even particularly a dog person but I love him...he's so cute.  And because the cutest person I know at the moment is nephew William, I have called him William in his honour.  He has got more detail on his ears now so looks much better, the dog that is not the nephew!  It was suggested that it looks like he has a black tongue (Mr C informs me that this is his mouth) and I agree so I am going another one on a gingerbread coloured background with pink where his 'mouth is.  Might have to be a girl called Winnie...something like that.

And while I am here let me just show some more pics of our holiday last week for the family to see.......
I think Daddy might have dug this ;)

Hmmm...that looks

Seriously, Mr B, I don't care how much you doth NEED a haircut!!

Sugar overloads all round!

Says it all ;)

Right, I am off to watch Holby City and edit all the pics I have.  Mr C has promised to do the boring stuff...uploading and writing descriptions...but I have to edit first.....sounds like a good deal to me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby William....

the only other child, in my opinion, to gain the title Mr Chops, had a dedication service today.  Everyone was there to thank God for his safe arrival and his life...very moving.....
Don't appear to have taken a picture of his smiling chops so you'll have to put up with the BIL, and proud father, as well.  Grandpa did the service and William slept the whole way though...not that I am saying that Grandpa is boring!!!!

There's Grandpa holding teh star of the show...not boring at all...and he'll be really pleased that I put his photo on here ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

We've been to Broadstairs.....

and had some of this.....

(sadly not me as my ancient fillings are starting to protest and the brain freeze would have been more than I could bear!!)

And we saw some of these monkeys....

Whoops...sorry, meant these.....

Yes, I do realise he is a gorilla!
 Few more piccies to come.....busy, busy, busy....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Craft party no.4.....Under the Sea......forgot my camera :(  Will NOT forget next time.

Busy day today.  Mr C and Mr C Senior are decorating the boys rooms, I am tutoring for a couple of hours and then beginning the clear up!!  We have a family staying here next week, half a house swap, so some serious cleaning needs to be done......deep no sewing I should think :(

Friday, August 05, 2011

Meet Samba...

Our new bunny :D  We think she's beautiful.  We got her from The Rabbit Residence Rescue (I'll look up the link)

Very sweet and quickly getting used to her new home.

                        Barley Boo Bah being rotund in the background...very happy with his new wife :D

And craft party number 3 - Jungle stylee!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Spectrum noir colouring...

So, I tried the Promarkers...couldn't get on....Tried the Copics...loved BUT when I tried the Spectrum Noirs (Crafters Companion) I fell in ,uch as you can with a pen!!  Beautiful.  Here are my first efforts.....


Gorjus girl

Elzybells (sadly no longer in business)


Mr B loves them too...I can see us going through large amounts of Neenah card.  He loves colouring :D

Just some random articles......

Thought I might just upload a few picks of things I have made recently.  Will try and remember where the materials are from!

Woodware punches and Waltzing Mouse stamp

WM stamp again and a branch cut on my cricut.EK punch?

I am terrible at keeping everything and NEVER throwing anything away. I even colour code my fabric scraps!!  Then, every now and then I stitch them all together :D

Brooch I made using Lilbrownbird felt 

Buttoings what I have been making!
There...just a brief round up.  Must make an effort to take more pictures and actually get some more stuff in my Etsy shop!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Craft party number 2 :)

Just going to upload the pics as too tired to write anything.  Great afternoon though...lots of fun....

Our youngest crafter :D