Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have had a revelation...

there are no designated parking areas IN this house...and that is why it is such a mess!!!! Until we move and get more space that can be 'labelled' I am wasting my time trying to stem the tide that is the Carlson mess. I am going to spend the morning with my trusty friends the bin bags (Dan is at church practising an Easter musical and the boys are out with their grandparents) and see how many I can fill and I am willing to bet you right here and now that it will look like I have done absolutely nothing by the end of the day. And this afternoon I am off to a new craft shop with my friend point wasting a whole day dealing with rubbish :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the saga continures

for anyone following our house buying efforts...STILL NO NEWS!!! For goodness sakes, how long does it take to okay someones mortgage? It seems like they are doing everything on the cheap but even I could have found them a mortgage by now...this is ridiculous!!!!!!!

But I did get a LUSH LUSH LUSH stamp from my friend Pauline, HappyStampers. It is the Penny Black Modesty one and it is so gorgeous it is unreal. You can download the catalogue as well to have a jolly good drool at Penny Black - this Hero Arts tart is deffo on the turn ;)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just seeing...

Humour me...I am trying something...Happy Stampers... oh my, I never thought it was so simple!! You may as well check out the link while you are here ;)


is the only word for it!!!!!!!

I was convinced I would keep this up and I have failed miserably. Never mind...I will persevere.

Have scrapped several pages recently and my Monday night group has been concerntrating more on LO's than making things which is good cos it was wearing me out - teaching starbooks to 4 complete newbies and some others nearly finished me off but everyone was really pleased with the results and that made it worthwhile.

Have had many probs with the new camera and managing to download/upload things hence the lack of photos. It shall be my new week resolution to get it sorted and I will write it in my diary..I am a flylady at heart ;)

OKAY!!! How is it that you save the blooming things, delete them from teh camera and then they disappear to goodnes knows where...I am off to watch the Red Nose stuff and I am in a sulk :(