Friday, October 06, 2006

The pressure is on!!

Oh my life...someone has a link to here on their blog (I am very flattered Jo..thankyou) but it means that I really had better upload something that I have done. I think blogger is being naughty this morning though as it won't let me add an image :(
Now it is the necklace I made with my birthday beads :D
DH has a trianing day today which meant that he took L to school and will be home before 7 for the first time this week! It also means that I wallowed in bed til 7.30 - a complete luxury!

And now the postie has arrived with my christmas I shall away to droll and try again later to put on piccies...............


Nicole said...

i followed your link from Ali's blogg
your necklace is Fab lov green & amber together :o)

Glittery Katie said...

Oooh pretty beads....Looby Lou!!
What wool did you get???