Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh the shame!

I have been shamed into posting my my lovely friend Lou!! Life has been hectic here to asy the least and the upshot of it all is that we are in the middle of moving house!

Very excitd by the propsect of moving house and so far it is going like a dream...this is where God wants us to be :D There is so much potential for hospitality and I am very excited...have already started perfecting my cupcake making skills. It also means that I can have my monday night craft group at home as our living/dining space is right next to my...wait for it...hold onto your hats....CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it is happening. We sold our house in 8 hours for over the asking price so were able to off our people slightly more. They agreed and we haven't stopped grinning since. Now comes the expensive bit though..this week I have already sent cheques totalling £1000 aaarrgghh which is very scary. I will try to post a couple of piccies and a copy iof the downstairs floor plan./ Upstairs is basically the same as ours here but bigger and downstairs has been extended..a lot. We also get a garage..for the first time ever..but I doubt Thomas will make it in there..he will sit in front. He has done a lot of sitting this past 10 days as his head gasket has gone! And it will stay gone, for this month at least. Lots of walking to school and back. We go past our new house so we can drool and appreciate how much nearer to school it is.

Well, after that outpouring I had better go. Pehaps I should put this on my list of things to do then it may get done instead of having to be reminded (Thanks Lou!)

Toodlepip for now...and next time I may even put up piccies of my craft group and some of the stuff we have done........

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ScoobyLou said...

You were going to post some pics you say hm hm.... ;)

Lou xx