Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just did a long post and then the pooter, in it's infinite wisdom (it must be a small boy computer) decided to shut all the windows down!!  And I had lots of links so now I shall have to start again.  I left it saying that Mr C had been charged with taking photos of the things to show but Lord Lichfield informed me that the batteries died and he didn't get that many.  So I shall check what he did get and post accordingly........there's a plan!

So, my post HAD, before I was so rudely interrupted, been entitles 'Breaking the shackles'.  I am a bit OCD craft wise...see exhibit 'a'.  My craft shelves are colour co-ordinated and then labelled just in case I lose the ability to see through my clear storage boxes!!!!!

exhibit a

But I have just been here and felt a challenge coming on.It is time I broke the shackles of my perfectionism and did some....oh my life, I can hardly believe I am saying this...MIXED MEDIA work.  Now, you have to understand that I am a crafter.  I knit, I sew, I make things from paper.  What I am most definitely not is an artist.  Mr C is an artist.  Give him a canvas and some acrylic paint and he will produce, after some time, a painting.  He can sketch things that I want to make so that I can make the pattern pieces...he can draw....I cannot..and have never been able to so this 'proper art' stuff makes me very uncomfortable.  But I shall try.  And so I got some of these goodies.....

As per usual, the photo does not do it justice.  Mainly because the photo is 2D and this stuff is all most definately 3D. 

And the other lovely thing about going to the exhibition was that I got to see this lovely lady who is very talented indeed.  She will be very modest and say she isn't but really...check her stuff out...see...very talented.  Had I known about this in advance I would have signed up for her workshop...maybe next time.  Which will be an interesting turn of event as I used to teach her children, 2 of them anyway, and she would be teaching me :D

So, watch this space for some out-of-my-comfort-zone crafting...sorry, I meant ART.

The other, rathe exciting for me actually, news is that Lucy Made This is now for sale at Daisychain in Histon.  So, if you happen to be in there, and you really should be in there because the stuff is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S, you might see a few hair accessories made by yours truly and you can say 'I know her'...if that is something you would want to admit to.  Prior to battery outage I got this piccie

A hint of spring with the yellow

More pictures to follow when I make them because Daisychain took all my stock :D  They start off looking like this
and I have to confess that each one, complete with the matching thread, goes in a little box that I sort during the day so that I can sew them up in the evening without worrying if the colours match because the light is rubbish.

Right, enough of this aubergine curry (no roast beef for me as the tummy does not like it:( ) is calling.

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love your kits! If you ever fancy doing a guest tute using my felt I would be so pleased!

Lol! re pics, I am terrible at taking pictures!