Monday, April 25, 2011

My season tree....

I think I may have made a post about this but I can't remember....I got one of those gorgeously tacky artificial Christmas trees a couple of years ago for the boys to decorate and it say in the Sunshine (back) room.  It was out of the way so it didn't bother me that stuff was put on ......shall we say...less than artfully.  But now the sunshine room is my most favouritest room of all (my sewing has got in there by stealth recently ...which I realised following a conversation with Mr C...'Where is so and so?', 'In my craft room (the utility room!)', 'Which one???!!!' came his eyebrow raised reply!). And this last Christmas the tacky tree was the loveliest decorated of them all and the lovely real one in the lounge had tinsel thrown at it by the boys.  And so this last Christmas I decided that I would not take it down but keep it up all year and call it the 'Season'  tree.  I did suggest to Mr C that if he didn't like it then the box was in the loft :D  But I do love seeing people's faces when they walk in....'Your Christmas tree is still up!'....Really???

And these are some of the things i have put on it.....

The buttons and velvet ribbon are from Ribbon Girl and the felt is from Jeanette here. And then I made these to add for Easter.....

The idea is that by the end of the year it will be covered in lots of things made throughout the year.And then, Mr C has pointed out.....we will have to take them all off to put the Christmas decs up!  Honestly...some people! 

Have also been busy making things from this fantastic book by Jeanette, who I mentioned above.  She is a complete genius!  It is, by far, the best felt book I have seen to date.

You can buy it here
 The boys wanted the campfire straight away so I got on with that and now I am working on the African to follow.

Hope you had a lovely Easter.  The sun is shining here and I am off to sort washing...never mind...I can't always be sewing or making :D

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