Sunday, April 15, 2012

I just can't stop...Crocheting!!

so I haven't!!!  I've added more to my 40th birthday blanket....
Obviously not needed to be finished until teh end of September so I have started another one in the meantime to keep my busy.
Not very clear but this gives a better view...

Although the light is far too bright (not that I am complaining about the sunshine!).  So that's my Ripple blanket from Lucy at Attic 24.

This is a mahoosive granny square that I started on holiday (pics of that tomorrow) using rather scrummy merino dk mostly from The Knitting Goddess , but also some others that I had left over from other projects.  It is lovely and warm to keeps my knees warm as I go :)

This is the green that I am using at the moment. The colour is much more green in real life. Think mixed cabbage leaves and you have the right colour.

Do you like my yarn cake?  I usually have to use a nostepin and wind it from the swift but now I have this...

It does amuse e that it looks like something from the 1950's but I guess if the design works then there is no need to change it.  So they all hook up to look like this.....

And then you end up with one of these beautiful things....

...a yarn cake.

I know they are not interesting to most people but i think they look wonderful.  The winder winds much more loosely that I would with the nostepin and so the yarn is much more relaxed and I don't feel like it needs to go back to a skein once I have used it.

So, I have been crocheting away...a bowl, a kind of plate (obviously not to eat off!), a holder for my hooks, a wonky winged bird, a cat (waiting for his legs) and another circular blanket, only just started, that I am making from sock yarn.  As it is only 4ply it is going to take a long time but that's fine with me.  I wil try adn get photos of them this week.  It is nice to record how they grow. 

Talking of growing, we have been doing quite a bit of gardening.  We moved the trampoline out of the way as it was blocking our view of the flower bed and vegetable patch completely.  We can now see the pond as well.  So, we have a large patch of bare earth.  Mr C headed for the garden centre and came back with a pear tree :)

Would love to show you a pic of the beautiful white blossom but blogger is not playing ball. Another time.

Here's a random pic of our new house guest, Magic.  He's the rabbit, not the cat!  He's inside with us for a bit because, sadly, his lovely friend Diamond (we didn't name them!) has died and we can't bear to think of him out all night alone in his hutch.  He is missing her loads but slowly getting better.


lily said...

Hi Lucy, love your crochet makes, especially your colourful ripple blanket.
lily x

lily said...

Oh, I've just scrolled down and seen your fantastic jelly babies........I've gone all nostalgic.
lily x