Friday, December 04, 2009

Oh my life....

and that is why it is called that.

Since half term- Dan has broken his foot, the cat has gone blind with high blood pressure from bad kidneys or bad kidney from high blood pressure resulting in detached retinas and blindness which has now been somewhat rectified with rather expensive food and tablets every day....pause...the heating broke down, the boiler had to be service, the shock absorbers went on the that all? I think so!

I have also nearly made 100 Christmas cards, baked muchos bread and fruity bread, changed all the bedroom around, worked, learnt the ukulele (seriously loving it), caused a stunned silence in my bible study, fixed many holes in jumpers, made cards, started (another) a quilt, looked at the other 2 quilts to be backed, organised a craft for a kids craft party, and I am sure many other things...oh yes going to Duxford dressed as a 1940's housewife alarming noticing that I was wearing my own clothes!!!!!!

I do admire those wartime housewives though...they put up with a LOT!

Right, off to have my tea...Dan is at a rehearsal so I am on my tod with the boys

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