Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh no...LEAK!!!

Getting some cereal out of the cupboard yesterday I notice that the box was wet...not a good sign. then I saw that there was a drip down the back of the cupboard.....and above the cupboard and, indeed, dripping down from there the ceiling meets the wall. Hoorah...something else broken :(. So, brief panic ensued, phone and could not get hold of Mr C, who couldn't have done anything anyway. Phoned MIL who told me not to panic even though she would agree she would have done, and then phoned Mr Amazing Fix It Man who comes and fixes everything. Thank the Lord he was able to come straight away. In the mean time I checked it was not dripping down from the bathroom celling as well and then ventured out onto the flat roof, as you do, because my immediate thought was that this would be where it was coming from and the entire roof would need replacing and we would have to sell kidneys to pay for it and then the whole roof would come down (I know Mr Chops is a drama queen but I cannot think where he gets it from ;) ). Oh, and up in the loft too to see if it was the house roof and nothing to do with the extension. Anyway, Mr Fix It arrives, turns off the bath tap, that had been left on a fraction, we are talking the tiniest amount possible and, Bob's your uncle, or in my case Pete, 'twas fixed! The people who had put the bath in had not sealed the taps so the drip was going down the base of the tap, down the pipes and through the celling. So today, armed with my trusty silicone glue (I told Mr C that my craft stuff would be useful for all eventualities) I am going to seal the tape and , ta-da, all will be lovely again. Amongst other things because I now have the kitchen to put back together (throwing and freecycling lots of things as I go), the boys audible CD's to burn onto disc and many other things to do.

And then sometime we are forecast SNOW!!!!!! We had loads on the last day of term but nothing since. Of course it is forecast for 3pm, when it usually rains anyway, so maybe we will be lucky...wait and see.

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