Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where did the week go....

Well, I have been poorly this week. No teaching on Monday - I spelt all day and then took the rest of the week to recover. Mr Chops had a school trip to the river (what joy shall fill my heart....) on Thursday and was disgusted that I couldn't go but, really, walking to the river with 60 Year 4s was not top of my agenda!

And yesterday I summoned up the strength to switch round some furniture. The lounge is now not a walk through and the office has lost a door. Really, it was too much - three doors in such a small room and it is so much nicer now. The lounge feels cosier and the office is more practical...and I like it. Plus, it all got a seriously good hoover.

So not much making happened yesterday but I did manage to find tutorials for 2 new and here. This is a great blog. I also hopped around looking for pro marker tutorials because I wanted to find out which ones people recommend going together but not much luck...have to keep looking.

Must find some more piccies to put on here. I am planning to back a quilt tomorrow so am hoping to record my progress and notes for future reference :D

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