Friday, December 17, 2010


it's chilly - minus 4 when I attempted to de-ice the car this morning.  I gave up...we.walked...we slid...we (well, me) appreciated the frost and the scenery.  I don't think the rabbits do though.  I have hardly seen them for days as they are tucked up in their cosy shed.  Well, cosy for rabbits....can't say it would be my abode of choice.  Bit too draftly. And this weather is too cold for poor Miss Jessica's bones.  She is, after all, an old lady.  I know how she feels!

So for today....envelopes to address, washing to put away, cardigan to continue knitting, and a kitten to look after :D  She fetches apparently.  Maybe we could teach her some new tricks.  Making a cup of tea would be a good one :D

Not seen any of these in my garden this year :(  So I have resorted to making my own :D

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