Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Monthly challenge...

If you need an incentive/encouragement to get all your Christmas pressies made for next year, then Annie at The Felt Fairy is doing a monthly challenge...details are in the link.  I'm definitely going to but I will have to exclude all shop makes...that would be cheating!!!

Pledge to Make One Item A Month!!

I also had a bit of  card making frenzy yesterday..I will take photos later.  Think I made 7!!!! 

Last day of the holidays today for the little people.  Mr C went back this morning...not the most jolly of occasions but it must be done. 

Lots of people talking of disgracefully taking their Christmas trees down :(  Ours are staying up until AT LEAST  the weekend and I am even planning on keeping the one up in the back room (the Sunshine room we call it) where I do most of my sewing and sitting.  I think I will make it a 'theme' tree...I will see how it goes.  It is 6ft so maybe that is a bit adventurous...maybe the little one would be more achievable...it is tinsel though so I may not get away with that.

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Ooh I would cheat away! lol!

Thanks for joining my **MONTHLY MAKE 2011**. Please put a badge in you sidebar and when done also send me your email address for the Stanley pattern - TheFeltFairy @ aol.com (no gaps)with Stanley as the subject. The pattern will be sent out by mid feb! love Annie