Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Far too long...

I am shocked at how much time has passed since I last updated this 'ere blog!!!!  Far too long!!  But now it is the summer holidays and we have time a plenty...and I have already taken lots of lovely photos :D  The only thing to get sorted is how to work the camera but it will happen.  Now, as today is our 15th wedding anniversary, Mr C went and got me some lovely flowers :D  They are similar to my wedding flowers (except I didn't have the purple lisyanthas in my bouquet...but it shows that he was most definitely paying attention!!


And I also have a new obsession...teeny tiny pipe cleaner people in felt clothes...they are just so completely gorgeous...and utterly inspired by this lady, Salley Mavor.  She is so talented and her nursery rhyme book, Pocketful of Posies, has kept me entertained for hours...really, even if you don't have children you should get this.

Close up of her sleeve.

Have not been brave enough to sort out
their faces and hair yet!

Not sure how I managed to cut their heads off
in this shot!!

And carrying on in the felt theme...I have been making these 2 little critters.....

Meet Owlivia

and Mr Frogley

Both are made by me from patterns by Tina Douville on Etsy.  I printed them out half the original size because I wanted to make them from my favourite felt and they would just cost too much otherwise.  I got Mr Frogley's eyes from Ribbon Girl .  I am also hoping to make some with children at the craft parties that my friend, Ann, and I are running in the holidays.  We will use felt from Kirsty though because it is good value and great colours.   And I like Kirsty :D

So other things have happened on the crafty front...some serious amounts of button earrings have been made...I have just ordered another 100 pairs to add to the 150 pairs I have already made...... not for me to wear you understand...there are a lot of people in Cambridge walking round with buttons in their ears :D

Okay..a brief catchup but better than nothing..until next time.......


Sue said...

Welcome back! and HAPPY Anniversary .
Love your felt people.

Amy said...

The button obsession is spreading! Seen a button ring and button earrings on 2 different people today. Little Miss told the lady that her Aunty makes them (and was very proud!) x

Kit said...

Love your creations the felt people you have made are particularly cute