Saturday, July 30, 2011

I think it's Saturday.....

In the holidays, with 2 teachers in the house and 2 school children....all the days are the same...with the exception of Sunday when we have church.  Probably, if it wasn't for this one fixed point in the calender, we wouldn't have a clue what day of the week it was.  I was surprised to see Tesco so full until I realised that it was Saturday. 

So, today started early.  I just had the final bit of my wedding stuff to do - Menus :) I am pleased to report they have been collected and Sarah was very pleased with least that is what she said ;)  This time next week they will be married and we will be dancing to a funk band and cheesey disco - can't wait!!

After that I braved seemed to take forever but I eventally made it home.  Sarah picked up the menus, the boys, along with another neighbour's son,  went out to the park with the neighbours ( I love my neighbours...they are FAB!!!), and I spent several hours sorting out craft party no.2 - Bugs and butterflies. 

And now I am pleased to report that my table looks like this.....

Have coloured a few images but the light is rubbish so I will photograph tomorrow.  I have had pro markers and didn't really get on with them.  They made me feel like I couldn't colour. Then I got a few copics...only a few as they are expensive and so I could never get the right colour gradation...but  THESE are perfect.  Well done Leanne Chivers and well done Crafters Companion

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Sue said...

Sounds just like here- must remember when it is Saturday to avoid Tesco!!!
Pens look nice - I do love my copics :)