Saturday, October 22, 2011

Funny old few weeks

My poor in-laws have had 2 funerals in 2 weeks.  My FIL's mother and my MIL's step- mother died within 2 days of each other.  The first funeral, for Grandma was in the States, Cole Camp MO, so they flew out there for a week and then came back to go to another funeral which was yesterday, in Frinton.  Nan's service was lovely.  Short but lovely.  I though the vicar type guy did a really good job.  It was lovely to see all the family who could be there and meet Sophie, the newest member.  Sadly no photos although FIL took some so I will probably get those emailed to me.

So, sad in lots of ways, we now have no reason to go to Frinton but is now half term and we can relax...cue sore throat, headache and bunged up nose!!!  I guess if I am going to be ill then half term is a good time as Mr C is also home from school  so I can feel ill without feeling guilty!!

We did have a new addition to the family....Mr Chops saved up for a hamster, so Rocco joined our zoo.....

He's very cute, 9 weeks old and looks a bit like a miniature brown bear :)

He lives in this palatial space station.....
Please note - the floor now looks MUCH messier!!!

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