Monday, October 24, 2011


Is it really the most sincere form of flattery or is it just a downright cheek?!!!!  I have read other people's blog posts before where they have posted about people stealing their ideas and always wrinkled my brow on their behalf and agreed that it is wrong.  A bit of me has thought though, fairly I think, that they are only so many ideas in the world and sometimes you can give people something and they will end up  making similar things...that is life.  But when you make something and you have put your own twist on is your style, it reminds me of you, it really is your design.

Like these......

from Paper and String website

These lovely boxes are made by the lovely talented Sarah from Paper and String.  The way they are constructed make me immediately think of her...I think they are unique.  I saw some somewhere else...'Oh,' thinks Me, 'they have got those wholesale from Sarah.'  No, they haven't, they have just stoleC her design. I won't buy from them.

celebrate your own work and style...don't nick other people's!!   Oooh I am cross!!!!!

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