Saturday, January 07, 2012

Jelly Babies

Emma asked yesterday to see the purple jelly baby.  Unfortunately, this is the state it is in at the moment.....

The other arm is actually finished now and I have finished the arms of a lurid green one but I have the dreaded 'sewing up' task. I find it frankly bizarre that the one thing I hate about knitting, given that I am a self confessed sewing addict, is the sewing up.  Am thinking I might knit all the bodies for 5, sew them up, knit all the arms, sew then get it.  I don't have a picture of the 2 I previously made as they were for my rather delicious nephew, William (who is now a star of the screen but I shall leave that for another time).  I think one was orange and one was possibly green too.  Am thinking a whole load to sell to raise money for EACH where William goes so will be mentioning all that in another post.

Here is what they look like when they are finished.  It is a Jean Greenhowe pattern.  The photo is taken from her site, hence the link back and why it is a bit grainy...I love her stuff but SO much sewing up.  I have knitted a fair few of her patterns and I love them. I once spent hours knitting the topsy turvey Cinderalla doll for my niece and each of my boys have a couple of Robin hoods and the like but these Jelly Babies are really quick.  Mostly because they don't have separate legs and you just stitch them up.
Jelly Babies

I did get a photo, albeit rather rubbish, of the cushion though.....
The fabric is from the same collection as previously. Emmabear wanted to know.  It is Shangri-La by Moda.  I'm sure it's all from that same collection but I might be wrong.  It is a few years old now so probably not that easy to get hold of.  I LOVE IT

Here's the back..... It's 'vintage' Laura Ashley, don't you know :)  The fabric was my parent's bedroom curtain's about 30 years ago and then they became  our dining room curtains in our old house...and then I mercilessly butchered them and used them.  I had no idea it was vintage until I was looking for some online.

I feel a terrible headache coming on.  Mostly due to over indulgence in food, last night,  that Gertie Gallbladder does not like.  I am away to lie down in a darkened room for as long as I think I can get away with it!

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♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Thanks for the pics and info. I love Jean Greenhowe patterns to and also made the cinderella topsy turvey doll. I agree about the sewing up though, soooooooooo many little bits to fiddle about with. xx