Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back to the drawing board..

actually cutting table.  Made a peg bag today and it is an epic fail...maybe not that bad, but it is not fit for purpose.  I know what needs sorting and I shall get onto it forthwith so I can make some to sell :)  After I have used the first one though as it was made out of 'need' :)  It's not even big enough anyway! But as a bonus, the fabric, LUSH corduroy, is from the charity shop :)

Here are a couple of pictures of greedy rabbits as well....


Making It Vintage said...

I've had some major sewing disasters in the's frustrating but also a great learning curve..........good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy

Thanks for following my blog - I'm following you too!
Your peg bag is great!

Lovely rabbit photos, looks like they are enjoying the sun.
Just looked back a few posts and you are an Attic24 fan too!
Love your ripple and your blooming cushion!

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

Hi Lucy
Great work! Great to see how lovely the boys have grown. God Bless.