Friday, May 25, 2012

Found it...

And this is what naughtiness looks like!!!  They bit through the fence and there's another wire one around the pear tree which Samba dug under to.  Honestly, look at her, she has no shame!!!!

Here's a better picture of my little creature from 'Crochet Bakemono' (got it in hobby craft). I did change a couple of things but it is essentially the same.  Then I got to thinking, 'How difficult can this be?'

So I made this one.....well, here's the start.  I actually took the mouth off in the end because it was wonky but not enough to look like it was supposed to be.  She also has red arms now to match her bottom.  No name yet but I am toying with Phylis...what do you think??

I'll take another photo of her in all her glory later - it is far too hot to go out at the moment.


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