Monday, January 07, 2013


has not exactly been marvelous.  It started well enough. Mr C was back to school today so I got up at 7...I always feel bad if he is leaving to go to work and we are all snoring away.  I got some of my granny stripe done....boys woke up and played nicely.  I could tell they were playing with Lego because I could hear the rumble of it in the boxes from the back room.  Then it was tome fore breakfast...downhill from there really.  Mr Chops decided to microwave a roll to warm it up......30 seconds calls me through to the kitchen.  I should have checked that he had heard me.  About 4 minutes I think.....another 30 secs and the kitchen would have been on fire.  The smell was horrendous and is still here over 6 hours later.  That would have done for me...can't have too much excitement in one day but no...never leave it there...I decided to wash B's trainers.  Walking past the washing machine to light a candle to rid us of the smell of the near housefire......I noticed that foam was pouring out of the washing machine.   The light was flashing to say the door was ready to open so I just assumed there was only foam in the drum....NEVER assume.

er....brief break as I cold smell burning.  I forgot eh lemons I put on to boil...the pan is now black and the kitchen now smells of burn lemons...I a off to cry!


Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

OH Dear Lucy!
What a morning! I hope 2013 will be a good one for you.

Elisabeth said...

Wow what a day! At least you got some crochet done in between :)