Monday, February 04, 2013

A challenge....

I like it!

Well, I have had several lessons with my Yr3 classes about long term goals and aims.  So, I decided it was only right to set myself one and tel them.  My thinking behind this was that if I said it out loud, in front of reliable witnesses (they have already asked me several times how I am doing) then I will have to do it.

I got a voucher for Christmas from my parents for The Sheep Shop which is my LYS.  So off i trotted, pattern in hand (it's called Chevron Lace Cardigan from here ) and I purchased myself some rather lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is a beautiful peacock teal type colour.  
And here it is.  Obviously the colour is COMPLETELY wrong in the picture!

A close up of the chevron pattern.  

And the absolutely added bonus is that it is top down with no seam joining...result!

I have about 7 weeks until the end of term to finish pressure then.

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