Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where did that go?????

Just posted and it all disappeared :( I was just telling you that while I was spending a very lovely evening out with friends last night, Mr C, armed with a bottle of Spitfire, uploaded all my new things into my Etsy shop.  I think the beer might have gone to his head a bit though...some of his descriptions!!!!!  Anyway I was very grateful that he did it because I had had a very frustrating day computer-wise.  The boys had been more than happy to amuse themselves so I took the opportunity to take the time to watermark all the photos for the shop.   My life!!!!  It was so boring and then even after all that 21 of the 30 photos I had done were ruined...I could have cried :(  And to make it worse, I had been super organised and deleted the originals as I went along because I usually end up with loads of the same photo...what a nightmare...had to start all over again :(

Never mind...worse things happen.

So...lots more rain today and Mr Chops and Mr B have had enough.  It got a bit emotional here this afternoon and voices were raised.....boys fought and Mummy rolled her eyes.  All are now sleeping peacefully and tomorrow is another day.  I have a sewing workshop in the afternoon with a couple of girls...we are going to make felt owls..can't wait.  And then next week the grown ups will be making felt frogs...with the addition of a glass of wine or 2.  I'll take piccies and share. 

Not pictures today...I'm cuddles up in bed enjoying the new addition of WiFi...well, we had it before but it was courtesy  of our very lovely neighbours.  They are moving soon (we are all gutted) so though I should get our own...and so I find myself in bed with no memory stick to share pictures from......  sorry!

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