Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great weather we're having :(

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely loathe the hot weather...I am a witch in hot weather.  I love it when it's cool or a bit chilly...but today it has rained all day .... we've needed one of these.....

Will be in my shop as soon as I can upload it all and write descriptions...I have a few of these and some toadstools at the moment :)

But I have been busy a-sewing :D  I asked on a forum I was on what people might like to see as brooches.  I have NOTHING in my Etsy shop at the moment which  is v poor and need to stock up for Christmas.  One of the suggestions was a Westie (thanks Andrea x). So I got my designer onto it...Mr C!  Well, it's the school holidays and he's a teacher so he hasn't got a single thing to do ;)  And this is the result.....

You know, I'm not even particularly a dog person but I love him...he's so cute.  And because the cutest person I know at the moment is nephew William, I have called him William in his honour.  He has got more detail on his ears now so looks much better, the dog that is not the nephew!  It was suggested that it looks like he has a black tongue (Mr C informs me that this is his mouth) and I agree so I am going another one on a gingerbread coloured background with pink where his 'mouth is.  Might have to be a girl called Winnie...something like that.

And while I am here let me just show some more pics of our holiday last week for the family to see.......
I think Daddy might have dug this ;)

Hmmm...that looks like.......fun??

Seriously, Mr B, I don't care how much you doth protest...you NEED a haircut!!

Sugar overloads all round!

Says it all ;)

Right, I am off to watch Holby City and edit all the pics I have.  Mr C has promised to do the boring stuff...uploading and writing descriptions...but I have to edit first.....sounds like a good deal to me.

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! That Westie - William, is amazing! I love how you have build up all those layers! He looks like my westie boy Alfie!