Friday, September 23, 2011


Bit of a bunny day here yesterday.  We are looking after some friends bunnies while they are moving and sorting themselves out.  Ours and theirs take it in turns to have the run of the garden.  So Magic (when he can actually be bothered to come out) and Diamond are having a fine old time tormenting ours and then Samba and Barley torment them when they are out.  Really, it's like having 4 extra children.  Magic, the cutest rabbit I have ever laid eyes on who would just fit in your pocket and looks like Yoda Bunny, had to have his bottom cleaned yesterday.  Here he is in all his laid back glory.......

I'll try and get some of him lolloping around...he has the cutes ears - one up and one flopping around!!!

And then we noticed that the Barley Boy had a sore on his neck.  he's either scrapped it on something or samba has had a go at him :(  So off we went to the vets.  came back with anti-biotic/inflammatory cream.  we have to make sure samba doesn't lick it or we'll have to separate them.  As they have only just got together we don't want this to happen so Barley is now sporting a rather fetching 'muscle top' to cover the cream area.  He is not impressed but he was an absolute angel having it put on...just a little star!

One very unimpressed rabbit!!!

Let's hope it clears up quickly!!!!

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