Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a whopper!!!!

In the spring I planted some potatoes.  Last year they were in tubs but this year we decided that low maintenance was the best way to go so stuck them seed potatoes straight in the ground.  I frankly didn't hold very high hopes because the seeds that arrived were 'micro' ones.  I planted 5 and 2 seemed to leaf up then disappear.  Then I pulled one up too early so just shoved it back in again (just call me Mrs Flowerdew).  Well, yesterday I thought, as my shallots have arrived, I had better just cut my losses and dig them up so I could prepare the ground.  It is okay to plant shallots where potatoes have just been, isn't it?  Must consult my gardening book.

Anyway...this is what I dug up.....

Not a lot of potatoes but they make up for it in variety :)

i think this one is a similar size to the seed ones I planted.

A couple of comparisons to show you the size!

Best get the garden dug over again before next door's naughty kittens use it for other purposes!

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