Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So chuffed.....

As you may have noticed, if you read this blog regularly, I  get a lot of lovely stuff from here - Ribbon Girl . Mary and Andrea have lots of lovely stuff and their service and delivery are fab.  We all know that crafter's can't wait for anything so this is muchos important.  Well, today I had an email from Mary asking if I minded that she was putting some of my stuff that I have made with some of their stuff on their blog!!!!  Mind???????  I was whoopdedoop excited and very flattered.  Here's the link :) I now a lot os people will think this is a big 'so what' but for me thing is a big yippee :)

Busy week this week.  Tomorrow I am having a Pampered Chef party run by my cousin.  I am so glad that we had a good clear out in the summer because it has only taken me most of the day to get sorted!  I have also been working on my Christmas designs and visited DaisyChain to take in some more of my hair grips.  they won a rather amazing award recently and the article in the paper had a picture of them...with my stuff in the background!!!!!

Today has also brought a couple of commissions, including a grizzly bear brooch (have to get my designer onto that and another flower brooch for autumn.  Also today I have been asked to speak to an 'A' level textile/art class on what I do!!!!!!!!  That is a serious OH MY LIFE!!!!!  they have been working on materials and design.  Given that I 'employ' Mr C as my designer it could be quite interesting but they are my ideas and I do feel strongly about choice of fabrics and things like that...I'll let you know how it goes.

No pictures...i'll have to do something about that.....

it's a bit old but a haircut is long over due and this one looked good!!

Hair cuts are booked for a week on Saturday...Mr B is NOT amused...his hair is getting very long.  2 people on holiday referred to him as a girl.

We'd also like to send lots and lots of love to Grandma in Kansas City...we are thinking of you and praying for you xxxxx

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