Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful day....

Just grabbing a couple of hours at home between teaching.  Someone had blocked me in in the carpark (we have been walking to school a lot recently but Mr B was Mr Reluctant this morning so into the car we went).  Anyhoooo, someone blocked me in so I walked home...what glorious sunshine.  It is truly autumnal out there but also lovely and warm...if that makes any sense at all!

Another couple of cards from last weeks frenzy...
First one has Repro Depo printed paper and a Three Birds rub on while the second is an SU! stamp and some cards from a Scrapagogo kit :D

Been making lots if hair snaps and grips for my shop recently.  Unfortunately, or not :D, I am selling them faster than I van photograph them and get them in the shop.  This is a good thing but I need to make more.

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