Sunday, September 05, 2010

What a difference...

all that rain made to the garden. Everything is looking rather healthy and the rabbits are doing a beautiful job of keeping the grass short. We have only mown it once. Not that unusual in this household but it really does look all nice and short and lush. Well, they have to be good for the moment I am spending far too much time stopping them pulling the tomato plants through the fencing that protects them and keeping them from digging next door to meet up with their bunnies...fur would most definitely fly. Jess is getting rather brave at venturing in to the house and Mr B was delighted this afternoon that she came to visit him in the toilet....whatever makes you happy!

So, here are some garden snaps....

I spy a lovely soup growing.

Barley has performed a miracle with the chives too.  they have never flowered before but this year  Barley has made the pot his favourite spot for sitting in the sun and poohing!!!  Guess rabbit manure is quite good.  Don't think I can bring myself to eat the chives though

 Here is the culprit looking like butter wouldn't melt...

Off to put the little monkeys to bed!

Forgot to say...Robins are in the shop :D

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