Friday, September 17, 2010

Lots of things made but no photos....yet!

I have been a very busy bunny.  Yesterday, while Mr C senior fixed all our duff lights (I have to tell you Mr C but the sunshine room now has a flickering bulb!!) I managed to make 10 cards, 5 hair grips and do the ironing :D  Plus all the normal keep the house running things.  Very pleased...and mostly because this set of stamps arrived :D  Having never had Waltzing Mouse stamps before I had heard good things.  And I wasn't disappointed...probably one of the best stamps sets  have EVER had!  And so I am going to make lots if cards and see if I can sell them in the staff room.  I have now had 14 sales, shop and private, for Lucy Made This so I have lots of other ideas in the pipeline for that too.
On the little people front...Mr B is taking a little longer to settle into school this year.  He doesn't like the thought of having to go in all by himself but we are working on it.  Mr Chops has been enjoying swimming in the school outdoor pool...wonder how long they will keep that up?

And OFSTED is nearly the shouting  Steak and wine for dinner tonight to celebrate.  One inspector  sat through 10mins of a lesson that clearly was not science, was not even in the science block and started with a power point heading with the words Hinduism in it (the clue is in the title!) before she stood up an announced to everyone that she was supposed to be in a science lesson...I rest my case!!!  That's a big tongue poke out to Ofsted!

Right, I must away but will come back with photos later..ta-ra.

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