Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now you see them.....

now you don't!!!!!

This is the disadvantage of letting you bunnies roam free!!  The other one is that they make desperate attempts sometimes to get into next doors garden to meet up with their bunnies...hence the various obstacles along the fence.

On the plus side we have lovely lush grass :D  And Jessica sometimes hops in the house, does a quick tour and then goes out again....much to the surprise of some friends who were visiting yesterday.

And they were visiting for a very lovely reason...they are getting married next August and would like me to make their invitations :D  To say I am a little over excited, and honoured, is an understatement.  Will share when they are done and sent out :D

Busy week teaching this week so not much on the crafty front but I did sell my Robin picture and make a few hair this afternoon ...... plus a few amusing dramas...'Not involving Mr Chops, surely!' I hear you cry.....oh yes!

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