Monday, August 30, 2010

A blackberrying we will go!!

There were quite a few ready but seriously heaps more still to ripen.  I can't tell you where or I will have to come round and wipe your memory!!!!!

Look - BLUE SKY!!!!!!
Okay then....somewhere in Girton!
Mr Chops and Mr B also ate quite a lot!!  We are enjoying them cooked down and then eaten with rice pudding...YUM!!! Except Mr Chops who doesn't 'do' hot pudding, just like his uncle.

And on the parenting skills front...Mr Chops had a tantrum, decided to move in with the rabbits in the shed and announced he was going to sleep there with his 'rabbit family' (it will have all started about something to do with the Wii).  Okay, says I, shall I bring you a sleeping bag?  About half an hour later he slunk back in again and went upstairs to get ready to pick blackberries.  On coming downstairs he flung his arms around me and announced, 'I've been thinking Mummy, and my place is here with you'....You won't be wanting your sleeping bag then ;)

But that reminds me of perhaps the best and most poetic histrionics ever.  When told that, no, he couldn't read his Lego magazine on the toilet due to the fact that it meant he was there for ages and so is not going to bed, he embarked on a most wonderful 45 minute rant...and it was quite some rant...ending with the immortal saying (and I shall remember it to my dying day even if I have forgotten my own name and where I am)...

"My life is an aeroplane of loneliness, plunging (said with feeling) into an ocean of dispair"

That's my boy!!!

Mr B, on the other hand, an altogether more undramatic child, asked me if he was looking 'hunky' today!

There is never a dull moment in this house :D

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