Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We love to craft....

This holiday friends of mine have been sending their children over to use up my ever growing mountain of stuff that just has to be used and dealt with.  So far we have made bracelets, cards, clay and paper monsters, and candle holders.  One of the sessions was a birthday present to a friend's daughter's friend(!!).  Because it was a birthday occasion we got the cake stand out and had french fancies and cupcakes.  We also got out the posh tea set and had a very civilised tea party...lots of fun!  as you can imagine, the monster making session was a bit more rowdy and involved the trampoline at one point (don't ask!).  On thursday we will be scrapbooking :D

Making cards!

They all chose blue!!  I thought we would have some girlies pink (I am a household of boys, apart from me)....just goes to show what I know!!

Oh...Not all boys, I lied...here's Jess

To say she is a moody mare would be an understatement of the biggest proportions...can't you just see the look on her face...'Come near me and I will growl!!!'  But we love her anyway and so does Barley, her beau!

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Ginger Claire said...

How cute is your blog missus. It's lovely to read about your adventures xxx