Sunday, August 22, 2010

Every girl needs a bit of bling....

On Thursday we had the best craft club yet.  The girls who came brought a top with them to 'bling up' with hot fix crystals.  You draw a design on paper, place some transparent stuck stuff over the top and add your crystal design.

 Then it's off to the iron to make it last forever :D  Some colours took a little longer to stick than others, butt his is what they came up with.....

A rather blooming marvelous time was had by all :D
And for those of you with beady eyes..yes. that is our bling nativity still stuck up on the window in the has been there for about 18 months now...and I'm not ashamed to say it  ;)

On another note entirely, it has long been my suspicion that Mr Chops and Mr B think that the 2 words/phrases 'wardrobe' and 'laundry basket' are interchangeable...and this week I have conducted extensive research on the matter.  They share a laundry basket and, despite the fact that I washed like a demented washer woman last week, by Wednesday is was overflowing!!  On inspection of the top foot or so (it probably looks like sedement when cross sectioned) I discovered that at least 3/4 of the stuff was not even dirty!!  Grr....we even had a sign up at one point, above it, saying 'Dirty clothes only!'...I think it will have to be reinstated.  The other language difficulty that they have is thinking when I say 'Put it away' that what I actually mean is 'Please do just leave it where it falls, I like nothing more than spending my time picking up your CLEAN clothes off the floor.
Hey ho!

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